Founder, Don't Touch My Curls Package


"Since I went natural in 2016, I've been interested in inspiring others to embrace their coils/curls and natural beauty. I began this journey by using my social media platforms to educate others on how to style and care for their "natural" hair through tutorials and photos. However, one constant barrier many of my supporters faced included access to these products and learning what products were right for their specific hair. Through 'Don't Touch My Curls Package' I am able to provide convenience to curly-haired individuals by shipping packages right to our customer’s doorstep. Furthermore, I am able to expand on this passion of mine by providing these hair necessities at affordable discounted rates. By purchasing our packages, our customers receive more items at rates better than at any store. This is only the beginning!"




Treat your hair, don't cheat your hair..

Beautiful hair does not occur overnight. What better way to test new products on a monthly basis this with our Don't Touch My Curls Package? You deserve these conveniently, handpicked products offered to you at an affordable rate.